Exploring The Hampi Ruins

The Hampi ruins stretch out over an area of 26 kms square, and are best explored at a fairly leisurely pace. Immediately south of the Tungabhadra river and surrounding the Main Bazaar lie remains of the sacred site, comprising of mostly temples and ghats. Included in the temples to be seen is the astounding Virupksha Temple which looms over Hampi village and is in use to this day.

3 km south of the river to the north-west of the village of Kamalapuram lies the royal enclosure with its palaces, stables, guardhouses and temples.

There are numerous guide services available to see the ruins, many of which are highly informative. The tourist information centre on the Main Bazaar in Hampi village is the best place to arrange a guide, though with a map, a little bit of background knowledge about Hampi's history and a sense of adventure, the entire site can enjoyably be explored solo.

The Sacred Site

Hampi ruins at sunset

A good place to start a tour of the sacred site is at the Virupaksha Temple, easily recognisable as it dominates the Hampi Bazaar and village.

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