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India Currency Denominations

The India currency is the rupee (INR), which is subdivided into 100 paise. Notes are divided into Rs 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Smaller denominations exist, but are rarely seen. Coins come in the denminations of Rs 1, 2, 5 and 10 and, less commonly used, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 paisa.

The current series of India currency notes, beginning in 1996 all contain an image of Mahatma Gandhi on the front side, and various images on the reverse including a tractor (Rs.5), a rhinoceres, elephant and tiger (Rs.10) palm trees (Rs.20) and the Himalayan mountains (Rs.100).

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India currency exchanges favourably with most other countries, making India a relatively inexpensive destination to travel to.

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Tips on aquiring India currency are included on the India tourist information page under 'What about travel money?'

More India tourist information for travellers to India.


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