India Visa Requirements
Useful Information on Getting a Visa for India

What Are The India Visa Requirements?

All travellers must comply with India visa requirements to travel to India. Nationals that do not hold an Indian passport will need to obtain a visa before entry into the country. Visas can not be obtained on arrival.

You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months and has at least 2 blank pages when applying for a visa. You will also need the relevant completed visa application form and fee, plus two recent passport photos. For certain countries a copy or original utility bill is also needed. Additional documents will be required if applying for business or work visas.

Visas application forms can be obtained from the relevant Indian high commission / embassy / mission in person or online. Links can be found below.

What types of visas are available?

  • India Tourist Visa Standard 6 month visa for tourists to India. This is a multiple entry visa however recent changes require two months between entries into India. Working in India is prohibited if travelling with this visa.

  • India Transit Visa Valid for a period of 15 days, this visa is strictly for travel purposes while en route to another destination.

  • India Business Visa Available from 3 months to five years, single or multiple entry. This visa allows the holder to pursue business activities e.g. attend meetings, presentations etc, but not to seek employment. Letters from an Indian company sponsor and the applicants home country employer are required.

  • India Work Permit Employment visa where applicants are brought in by an Indian company to fill a specific role, usually highly skilled. Visas are commonly arranged by the employer.

    Certain areas of India such as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are restricted and require entry permits.

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    How do I obtain a visa?

    Once you have all the relevent documentation there are several ways in which you can attain the visa.

    Visit your local High Commission of India. You might have to travel a fair way depending on the location of your closest High Commission. It may involve two visits, one for processing your application and a second for collection.

    Applications can be processed by post, however this will involve sending your passport by recorded delivery. It is a longer process and it is well worth ensuring the application is filled in correctly first time.

    Many visa agencies and couriers provide services processing the application on your behalf. You will need to supply the documentation. Although a bit pricey this is a hassle-free way to process your Indian visa.

    Visa application websites

    A comprehensive list of links to the visa application websites of 27 countries. These will provide your specific India visa requirements.



    New Zealand


    Russian Federation


    Sri Lanka




    United Kingdom

    United States Of America














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