Konkani Phrases

Knowing a few Konkani phrases (the official Goa language) is not essential in Goa, since English is widely spoken. Any efforts however are bound to be hugely appreciated and will certainly bring out some smiles from locals.

Being the mother tongue of most Goans, Konkani is a well loved language, and in rural areas off the beaten track you may find it useful to know a little of the Konkani language.

History Of Konkani Language

Konkani is an Indian-Aryan branch of Sanskrit and has been spoken in the Goan region for more than two thousand years. It was only named Goa's official language in 1992 and was considered a 'minor dialect' until 1978.

The language does not have its own official script and is interpreted in Roman by Christians and Devanagiri by Hindus.

Some Konkani Phrases


Hello/Good morning/Good evening
Dio boro dees diun

Thank you
Dio boray korunc


What is your name?
Tu chay nau kitay?

My name is Sarah
Majay nau Sarah

I am from ...
Mau zo gao ...

Happy Holi!
Holi moobarak!

I love Goa!
Maka Goeya boray lakta!


Where can I get the bus to Anjuna?
Anjuna bus ko-ee tamta?

Does this bus go to Anjuna?
Ee Anjuna bus?

Have we arrived in Anjuna?
Anjuna poh-lay?

How many kilometres to Anjuna?
Anjuna kitley pois asa?

Do you have a house/room for rent?
Tu jay shee gora/room asa?

How much?

Too expensive!
Ekdtom ma-araog!

I don't want it
Maka naka tem

I'll take this
Haon hem khatan
Useful Extras


No ice
Barf naka

The food is good
Jon boray ha



May I take your photograph?
Au eek foto kardum?





One Ek, Two Dohn, Three Teen, Four Char, Five Pants, Six Soh, Seven Saht, Eight Ahrt, Nine Nou, Ten Dha, Twenty Vees, Thirty Tees, Forty Cha-ees, Fifty Po-nas, One-hundred Chem-bor, One-thousand Ek-azar

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