Tips For Finding The Cheapest Holiday Insurance

Finding the Cheapest Holiday Insurance

Today, searching the Internet is usually the best way to find the cheapest holiday insurance. On the internet you can compare prices of numerous policies with just one search.

Check if your local bank can provide you with a good offer. Most banks offer some form of travel insurance and for short trips it can be a better rate. Some banks even offer a basic travel insurance poicy with their Credit and Current accounts, and you may already be covered.

Post Offices in some countries can provide excellent discount travel insurance and a well-tailored policy, and are often overlooked as a means to buy insurance.

A few large supermarket chains offer among the cheapest holiday insurance policies, and may even be linked to a loyalty card scheme. Details can normally be found on their websites or in the store.

If you are planning multiple trips in a year, the cheapest travel insurance could be a 1 year multi-trip policy which normally will give you a combination of continents to cover.

Know Your Insurance Policy

Although the Internet can provide the cheapest holiday insurance and is often the easiest method, make sure you read the policy thouroughly. It can be skipped too easily by hitting the 'I Agree' button.

Always read the small print of any policy, and ensure you are happy with the cover before you purchase. Be aware of what it does or does not cover as extra cover may be needed for e.g. expensive camera equipment, scuba diving, trekking and other adventure activities etc.

Find out ahead of time whether your policy pays directly to health care providers, or will you have to pay and claim to be re-imbursed at a later date.

Always declare any pre-existing medical conditions.

Get to know your claims policy. Lost or stolen items will have to be reported to the local police as quickly as possible, and you will need to obtain a case number in order to qualify for recovery. It is a good idea to get familiar with the process before you leave. It can save you time, frustration and maybe money in the long run.

If you purchase vacation insurance for the day of your flight your cover only begins on that day, therefore it is a good idea to purchase travel insurance for a few days before and after your trip to cover any delays or cancellations.

Long Term and Backpacker Travel Insurance

If going for a longer period of time i.e. 3 months or more check the policy cover is valid for the duration of your stay. Some policies only cover up to 3 months out your home country at any one time, even if the policy is valid for a year and is multi trip. Read the small print carefully!

Long term insurance can easily be bought over the internet.

Normally a backpacker insurance will give the best rates. These policies will cover the time frame you are away and countries you specify, so if your itinerary changes you will need to contact your supplier to update you policy and remain covered.

Sorted out your travel insurance? Have a look at our Visa page for useful tips and Indian Embassy details.

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