Royal Enfield
What Tools, Spares and Accessories Will You Need?

Royal Enfield Common Spare Parts and Tools

The following spares I would not travel without...

2 x rear spokes - We kept these to ensure we had spares when spokes broke, although we never fitted them. We got it done for R.10 on the side of the road.
1 x clutch cable,
1 x front brake cable,
1 x throttle cable,
1 x chain link,
1 x small sachet of grease,
1/2 - 1 litre of engine oil for topping up.
Make sure you get the right oil, someone along the way will try give you the most expensive oil that will not be suitable.

Estimated cost R.200.

The following tools I would not travel without...

1 x small hammer,
1 x pair of pliers,
1 x paint brush for cleaning carb and petrol filter,
1 x roll of good quality black electrical tape,
1 x WD 40 spray - India's brand is Zorrik 88.
Open Spanners from 6mm to 19mm + 22 and 20mm - you will be able to get a spanner set.
1 x 10 & 13mm,
1 x 24 & 26mm - 24mm for removing back wheel,
1 x 30 & 32mm - 30mm to adjust your chain tension,
1 x phillips & flat head screw driver combination size medium,
1 x small flat head screw driver - to adjust your carb, comes in hand when doing the hill stations,
1x spark plug spanner.
Allen Keys - check the size you need before you buy, normally 5mm.
Cable ties always come him handy.

Rough cost R.500.

It's always a good idea to get a solid chain and lock, although Royal Enfield theft is not common in India. For a relatively small cost it gives you peace of mind.

Rough cost R.200.

For some of the best motorcycle routes in India (probably even the world) head for the hills towards Kerala and Tamil Nadu's hill stations in the Western Ghats mountains.

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